The FTP Backup Utility is designed to allow you to schedule data backups from a local folder to a remote location accross the Internet using FTP protocol. The backup uses minimal bandwidth and very low amounts memory. It requires that the .Net Framework 3.5 be installed.
 *** If you are planning on backing up your data to a shared hosting account through a web host, be careful. Read the Terms of Service (TOS). Many web hosts do not allow you use web hosting disk space as a file repository for archived files and will shut down your account if your backups create frustrations for their IT staff. If you are looking for a good place to back up large amounts of data to via FTP, it is recommended that you get a dedicated server or virtual dedicated server as opposed to shared hosting.


The FTP Backup Utility is a standalone executable that can be run from any directory on your machine. However, we recommend that you install it using the Installer Package so as to ensure that the proper framework for the application is installed as well. This will minimize the potential for errors.

Once the utlity is installed you can get to the executable in two ways:

1. Open the file using the Program Files Menu
2. Browse to it locally at "C:\Program Files\Web Data Software\FTP Backup\FTP Backup.exe"

Example of ISIT FTP Backup Utility

FTP Backup Utility


Schedule automated FTP backups in 4 easy steps.

  1. Install program
  2. Enter FTP information
  3. Hit Apply
  4. Schedule Backup with Task Scheduler

By executing the program with the -R switch from Task Scheduler you will cause the backup to run without user interaction. An example of the file path that you should place in task scheduler is as follows:

"C:\Program Files\Web Data Software\FTP Backup\FTP Backup.exe - R"

For questions regarding the use of Windows Task Scheduler please see the following articles:

How To Schedule Tasks in Windows XP

How To Schedule Tasks in Windows Vista

Creating Multiple Instances and Transfering from Different Folders Simultaneously

You can create multiple backups from the same server by simply copying the program executable to a different directory and then apply new settings to it. The executable will create its supported files in its directory if the files do not exist, but to avoid permissions issues, we recommend copying the entire contents of the "C:\Program Files\Web Data Software\ISIT FTP Backup\" directory to the location that you would like to run the new backup instance from. Once it has been copied, double click the "ISIT FTP Backup.exe" executable and apply your new backup settings. Once the new settings have been applied, create another scheduled task to automate the new backup process.

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